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Theatrical Performer, Letterpress Instructor

and Thinker

a little about William Amer

From the very beginning, in England, to his home here in New South Wales, (Australia, for those in foreign parts), his life has been so varied and interesting.

His adult life has straddled many fields of endeavour, most notably his love of the Letterpress Printing Trade which took him from composing room floor, to printing and senior management; of music and especially classical singing. Singing and acting being his "second jobs" to that of his successful  career in printing.

With the advancement of technology, however, in that trade, William found himself drawn more and more to his music to feed his young family.

Look elsewhere on this site for a detailed exposure of his stage career.

William is a practical man, and gets things done. In his very earliest days he stood in the wings of various theatre companies and observed!

William hails from a politically alert family tree straddling the Left of Centre to the Right of Centre. He firmly believes in Parliamentary Democracy and the rule of law emanating from the will of the people.

The saying that has stood by William all his life is "Experience teaches",

quoting the Latin phrase, experienta me docet.

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