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About Us

The life of William Amer

William Amer presents himself as a man capable of "standing up and being counted". He gets this characteristic from family and a life time in industry. He attended Hurlstone Agricultural High School and Matriculated to Sydney University in 1966. His life took on a mature meaning when he entered the Printing trade. He started as an apprenticed Hand and Machine Compositor and worked his way to the top echelons of that industry, side by side with his fellow workers and all levels of management and proprietorship.

His short stint in the CMF (Citizens Military Force) during his apprenticeship introduced him to discipline and responsibility. Vietnam was coming to an end, so he concentrated on his trade.

William is a singer, another family trait. He took himself from a happy go lucky school boy and sang his way to The Sydney Opera House, The Stranger's Room in NSW Parliament, to many concert halls and venues in Sydney and NSW. Finally deciding to establish his first opera and oratorio company. This experience gave him the confidence and ability to self-organise his fledgling company and stand before many hundreds of people and entertain. Now called OPERAworks. Along the way he self-improved, with certificates and diplomas in bookkeeping, general production and administrative  management, marketing, Real Estate Sales, higher printing management courses and Hospital Pastoral Care. By his side has always been is wife and children of well over 50 years. So much so that when the other family trait surfaced, politics, they were and are nothing but encouraging and very supporting. 

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