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How this website came into being . . . .

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

After a week of attempts, stops, starts, doubts and the exposure of my ignorance in Website creation, it started to become familiar. I drew upon my many decades of song and theatrical experiences in memorising and repeating till the memory kicked in! This website challenge was no different.

The marginal notes in and on my theatrical scripts became a guide to my booklet of note taking in this site setup. I eventually made a note of nearly every move, every link and also made a file of favourite links in my search engine.

Customising the page to my particular requirements was a special challenge, but with many notes and links, and the confident knowledge that I could edit any alterations required, the page started to become mine. That of a printer, a singer, a simple Christian and an Australian family man.

Feel free to browse the site, it ain't finished, you'll have a compassionate understanding, but it is all my work. What can be more satisfying?

Those with empathetic minds may offer suggestions, which I will take seriously, with more experience expected. Not sure yet how you can do it, but for the time being I suggest the email,

Still going at it, 5/9/2021

Testing the buttons, spellings, grammar, continuity, relevance and comprehensiveness.

Talk about learning on the go, or experienta docet me, (experience teaches!) That's for sure, but then that's part of the whole experience. When life becomes such that one can't or hesitates doing something without a diploma or certificate or an expert helping, then things have gone the wrong way. I hasten to add though, I don't include those activities that do require licensing and formal qualifications. Interesting, a most basic right of an Australian citizen is the right to represent themselves in certain court proceedings.


And so it continues, the learning curve . . .


Not really satisfied with subject matter headings and content so several items were removed to simplify for myself and others wanting to use the page, I've come up with this version.

Will now proceed to test the elements.



Well, time has move on, sweeping me with it, and my wife. We've move homes and are very happy with that. Time to think more of the future and plan for it. Mainly along the lines of classical music and singing and exploring beautiful Australia.

I'm more familiar with this site and will be adding our plans and heaps of detail. hang in there, I am!!!

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